Another exceptional testimonial

We are delighted to share this wonderful testimonial from our lovely clients Chris and Brian. We recently completed a stunning project comprising an extension and refurbishment to their home in Glasgow's West End:

"We did not want just builders – we wanted a team with an eye on the finished look. We got that. Moreover, nest seemed to care about the end result as much as we did.

They weren't phased by the fact that we had our own architect who used old-school, non-CAD, drawings. He is delighted with how well they've interpreted his plans and he was impressed with all the workmen he spoke to. He also commented on just how much time Dene gave to regular site visits with us.

We were naive to the world of property renovation and busy with our jobs and family/social life. We did not want to have to closely project manage the project - it was a big plus to know that we could rely on nest to sort it and ensure quality workmanship.

Some design elements we had a strong desire/idea about, for example our 'hidden door'. Through various discussions with Dene and a mash-up of ideas and Pinterest pics, nest's joiner Gav created a brilliant panelled wall outcome. Most people cannot see it without prompting. We love it.

With some rooms we lacked ideas (or had decision-making fatigue) and were delighted that nest had great tastes that we were happy to adopt....and when we had some bad ideas we liked that Dene would (gently!) challenge them.

nest are good communicators, mostly by email and/or texts, only phone calls when needed. This was great as we did not want interruptions during busy days at work. They were always contactable too.

nest workers took pride in what they did – they were polite and informed. Their stonemason made a superb job of re-using the original sandstone to rebuild our rear wall; pieced together like a jigsaw – it looks like it's always been there.

We liked the explicit payment plan - pay only for what jobs have been done from a pre-agreed list as it went on. They were quick to inform us of any additional agreed up-costs too.

Great team work: Dene on his motorbike meeting clients and Debbie at back at base making it all happen. Dene used digital dictation so accurate notes are made from site meetings and Debbie created a shared Pinterest board for interior ideas.

nest came highly recommended to us and, we in turn, would recommended them (and have done already) to others."